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Xmstorm is a team of highly motivated, creative and enterprising enthusiasts who are on a mission to revamp the process of learning. We spiralled on a journey to make preparation for all sorts of competitive exams at various levels very accessible. We aim at supporting aspirants who wish to appear for online examinations by providing previous year question banks, more practice sessions and  an expert feedback on your work.

We partner with the most reputed coaching institutes, tutors and publishers to produce the most reliable and up-to-date study material.

With us, you don’t just prepare but also evaluate your progress so that preparation is focussed.

Make preparation fun by taking up quizzes, mock tests at very affordable prices and save all your important questions for revision. Stay up-to-date on exam dates, registration process, important dates/events and other notices. You can also access our PDF material for all competitive exams and Placement Papers for IT Recruitment etc.

We also conduct Olympiad Examinations with a lot of substantial awards

We also offer a progress monitoring service for parents who wish to monitor their ward’s preparation, understand their areas of strength and weaknesses and help them prepare better.  




Xmstorm offers a vast library of services to meet the expectation of any competitive exam aspirant. We offer:

  1. MCQ question banks(Previous Years Questions) for all objective examinations with expert feedback to know your current standing and find ways to work better.
  2. MCQ Question bank (Prepared Questions)  for all objective examinations with expert feedback to understand areas of weakness and strength and prepare accordingly.
  3. We also offer exam related information  i.e. Dates, Form Details, Form Filling Instructions etc and regular updates on any change or notice.
  4. We provide updated exam preparation material adhering to the current syllabus in PDF format which is accessible at very low rates.  
  5. Olympiads for School Kids starting from Class 4 to 12 with full-year, half-year and   quarterly scholarships, books and stationary giveaways. We aspire to bring out the best in your child. The rewards are as follows:

             Rank 1- One student will get 100% scholarship

             Rank 2- One student will get 50% scholarship

             Rank 3- Third winner will get 25% scholarship

             Rank 4,5,6 & 7-Will get books as well as stationary

             Rank 8, 9 and 10- Will get books only.

  1. School Subjects Unit and Final Exam Mock Papers starting from Class 4 to 12 in real test format for that extra practice!
  2. Entrance Mock for all private institutions for BBA, LAW, Eng, Medical, and also placement papers for recruitment in IT companies etc. to give you the cutting-edge preparation to go get your dreams !!!




At Xmstorm we have brought together technology and learning in order to benefit every student at their level. Whether it is a national level competitive exam or a university level entrance, we strive to make the learning process easier for you, while you keep track of your preparation on one platform.

Here’s why we are different: 

  • Xmstorm aspires to revolutionize education and with us you don’t just prepare but also analyse your performance and progress throughout!
  • MCG question banks with feedback on the performance
  • Mock tests, quizzes in real test format pertaining to syllabus
  • Affordable rates for question banks and other materials
  • Mock entrance papers for all disciplines for private institutions
  • We provide progress tracking option which can be used by parents to monitor their ward’s performance
  • One place for all exam related information nationally.
  • Comparative stand- one place to know where you stand nationally
  • Expert recommendation to bring out the best in you
  • Remedially analyse yourself by identifying your strengths, weaknesses and other indicators.
  • We also aid in time management skills to ace the test !!!


What is in for Students !!!


As a student, there is a lot to dig into !!!

  1. An array of tests which is categorised into sections, with mock-tests and in real test format.
  2. Get a detailed feedback on your test to understand your progress at a very minute level.
  3. Find your weaker areas and concentrate on mock-tests in that category alone!
  4. Get expert feedback on your MCQ tests.
  5. Get a comparative understanding of your stand on a nationwide platform as students across the nation take tests!
  6. Flag difficult questions and review them later
  7. Since time is the key to a successful exam attempt, train to manage time efficiently by repeatedly attempting tests and finding areas that take more time.
  8. Get expert recommendations on your progress to channelise your energy towards areas of improvement.
  9. Last but not the least, bump into lots of reading/preparation material for your exam and cut the edge with thorough preparation.
  10. Get guidance from experts to mould your dreams into a reality. The detailed expert feedback will help you analyse your strengths, weakness and performance indicators better.

Not just this, we also conduct Olympiad Examinations from std. 4th to 12th which gives you an exciting opportunity to earn scholarship through merit or even take away books and stationary for the academic year!

Make learning a fun process by preparing real-time with mock tests, updated study material and much more at extremely affordable rates.


Our Team

We’re a team of extremely driven, enthusiasts who have a creative vision for the world of learning and we’ve been on it since then! We share great passion and commitment towards every aspirant who wishes to go-get their dreams!

Since our education has shifted from blackboards to projectors, it’s time for technology to drive the learning revolution. We’re a perfect blend of talents from various domains and have come together to make learning accessible to all !!!



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